SharePoint 2010 : Troubleshoot Secure Store is not accessible

This morning one of our fellow team reported that some of our applications stopped working. He thought that his recent modification caused the issue. He made initial findings and troubleshooting with no success – and finally he shared some debugging messages -

System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException.ThrowCryptogaphicException(Int32 hr) +41 System.Security.Cryptography.Utils._GenerateKey(SafeProvHandle hProv, Int32 algid, CspProviderFlags flags, Int32 keySize, SafeKeyHandle& hKey) +0 System.Security.Cryptography.Utils.GetKeyPairHelper(CspAlgorithmType keyType, CspParameters parameters, Boolean randomKeyContainer, Int32 dwKeySize, SafeProvHandle& safeProvHandle, SafeKeyHandle& safeKeyHandle) +699 System.Security.Cryptography.RSACryptoServiceProvider.GetKeyPair() +85 System.Security.Cryptography.RSACryptoServiceProvider.ExportParameters(Boolean includePrivateParameters) +98 System.IdentityModel.Tokens.RsaKeyIdentifierClause..ctor(RSA rsa) +147 Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSecurityContext.SecurityTokenForContext(Uri context, Boolean bearerToken, SecurityToken onBehalfOf, SecurityToken actAs, SecurityToken delegateTo) +400 Microsoft.SharePoint.<>c__DisplayClass4.<SecurityTokenForServiceContext>b__0() +39 Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities.SecurityContext.RunAsProcess(CodeToRunElevated secureCode) +26839062 Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSecurityContext.SecurityTokenForServiceContext(Uri contextUri) +306 Microsoft.SharePoint.SPChannelFactoryOperations.InternalCreateChannelActingAsLoggedOnUser(ChannelFactory`1 factory, EndpointAddress address, Uri via) +326 Microsoft.SharePoint.SPChannelFactoryOperations.CreateChannelActingAsLoggedOnUser(ChannelFactory`1 factory, EndpointAddress address) +105 Microsoft.Office.SecureStoreService.Server.SecureStoreServiceApplicationProxy.GetChannel(Uri address) +369

There are two key points from the debug message:

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SharePoint 2010 | Troubleshoot Un-sync Cummulative Update

Today, we deploy December 2013 CU and PU for Project Server 2010. After completing the binary installation, our patching process can not continue because the farm shows missing KB2553430 (December 2013 PU) in one of the server. I don’t see any technical reason why it happened, so I went through following work-around

Re-run the installation package using PACKAGE.BYPASS.DETECTION.CHECK=1 option (more info here). Result : unsuccessful, the impacted server is still showing that it doesn’t have KB2553430 Extract the installation package and install the *.msp file manually Result : unsuccessful, the impacted server is still showing that it doesn’t have KB2553430 Re-connect the server to the farm. Result : SUCCESS, the impacted server is successfully join to the farm [read more...]

SharePoint 2013 | How to Create Contributor without Delete rights


The standard SharePoint installation comes with 7 default permissions level:

Full Control Design Edit Contribute Read Limited Access View Only

In some cases, developer may need to allow contribution without deletion rights.

So how do we do it?

So lets create Limited Contribute, permission for contribution without deletion rights using following steps.

Open Site Settings, followed by Site Permission On the Site Permission page, click on Permission Levels On the Permission Levels page, click on Add a Permission Level Enter details of the New Permission Level, and remove Delete Items and Delete Versions from the permission details. Click Create



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SharePoint 2010 | Troubleshoot Too Many Columns When Activating Publishing Features


I received an error request from one our client that they can’t activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastucture feature in the website. The error, “There are too many columns of the specific data type…”

So looking the detail in ULS Viewer, I understand that SharePoint failed to create “Quick Deploy Items” list during the activation. I don’t know why – but probably because the site was imported from other website and the “Quick Deploy Items” columns becomes duplicated.

So how we solve this issue?

Open SharePoint 2010 Management Shell Remove the Quick Deploy Items list, by using following script $spweb = get-spweb [URL of the site] $splist = $spweb.Lists["Quick Deploy Items"] $splist.AllowDeletion = $true [read more...]