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Make Custom Linkable Column in List using C#

English: (This articles has already been posted in Now I post it again in my own blog.) Whatever list you made, SharePoint will automatically add the first instantly visible column name “Title” (unless you’ve made custom list definition). The “Title” column is special because it has two consecutive column view, one which is linked… Read More »

Project Vs Assembly Reference in Strong Named Solution

English: (This articles has already been posted in Now I post it again in my own blog.) Ever reference to strong named assembly? Referencing to an assembly or other project within solution is common task in object oriented programming environment. For example, when you have made a generic library that hold base class for… Read More »

Danger of Content Editor Webpart

English:Do you know that content editor webpart can take down your sharepoint’s site? Indonesian: Tahukan Anda, kalau content editor webpart dapat menyebabkan gangguan fungsi pada situs Sharepoint?

Bugs in Sharepoint Designer 2007

English:Have you tried Sharepoint Designer 2007 – the next version of Frontpage 2003? If you haven’t just grab one from Office 2007 beta site. The products offers advance features from its old brother, but I found one serious bug. It appears when we export listview into XSLT view.

Multiple Attachment in Document Library

 Indonesian: (source code) Didalam Sharepoint 2003, kita mengenal Document Library. Document Library pada dasarnya adalah List yang “dihubungkan” dengan folder, sehingga Document Library dapat digunakan untuk menyimpan file. Cara penyimpanan file di Document Library mirip dengan proses penyimpanan attachment di List, dan file di Document Library akan berkaitan langsung dengan satu record di List. Hal… Read More »

Little step to start

English:Little step but have domino effects is writing our thoughts into words. If not, the thoughts will stay in our mind and become obsolete. Writing is a process to purge ideas into sentences; freshing the brain again, ready for new ideas – and the most importance is securing ideas for the next generation. Indonesian:Sebuah langkah… Read More »