Monthly Archives: January 2009

Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration Daylight Saving Problem

English I personally agree with SharePoint Survey Result posted here. In fact that I see many organizations tend to migrate Lotus Notes to SharePoint, manually – using crafted custom code or using some adequate tools. However, seems that those available tools or most of developer forget that “Lotus Notes is always timezone and daylight saving… Read More »

Finally VSeWSS can be installed on 64bit OS

English In SharePoint development world, Visual Studio extensions for Windows SharePoint Services (VSeWSS) is incredibly helps our tasks. However the default installation package only allows us to installed in 32bit OS. Previously – if you want to install it in 64bit OS , you have to do manual installation step which include extracting – modifying… Read More »

Voucher 10% + Free Retake on Microsoft Certification

English This offer valid in Indonesia only. For other region, please contact local MVPs. Bahasa Mungkin ada teman-teman yang berencana mengambil sertifikasi microsoft. Kebetulan aku ada voucher diskon 10% + free retake 1 kali. Artinya, kalau gagal bisa mengambil kembali secara gratis. Voucher + retake gratis ini berlaku hingga tanggal 31 May 2009 untuk materi… Read More »

Moving to the new home

English Begining the new Year 2009, I am moving this blog to the new home I’ll keep this location for references – and archives. I still use WordPress as blogging engine in the new home – but with entirely free ideas to put-in plugins, themes etc. Thanks to which gaves me true blogging… Read More »

New year 2009, a new hope

English Finally, I decide to start my own home for the blog. The new home, marks a new hope in year 2009 and forward.  I’ll keep my own blogging style – dual language (English and Bahasa) , and lot of pictures. Bahasa Akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk mengelola sendiri blog yang sudah ada.  Perpindahan ini sekaligus… Read More »