Monthly Archives: September 2009

Howto Series : Administration

English I am trying to blog howto series on administration with graphical descriptions. 1. Howto configure personal regional settings. 2. Howto limits page layouts availability in web site. 3. Howto enable debuging in SharePoint Web Application. 4. Howto configure alternate access mapping. 5. Howto remove My Site or My Links link. … and more are… Read More »

Howto series : Lambda and SharePoint

English I wrote some howto series for Lambda and SharePoint, you can find them here: 1. How to use lambda expression in SharePoint Object Model. 2. How to use lambda expression in SharePoint Object Model – working with WebApplication. 3. How to use lambda expression in SharePoint Object Model – working with SPWeb. .. and… Read More »

StsAdm –o copyfarmappbincontent is available in CodePlex

English Remember about critics to “stsadm –o copyappbincontent” to deploy SharePoint resource in my previous post here. At the end of the post, I think that it should be “stsadm –o copyfarmappbincontent” instead. Why? Because the last will work in centralized deployment mode, same as solution deployment. But what’s the secret? Why the standard copyappbincontent… Read More »

Semantic URLs for SharePoint

English First time I understand about semantic URL is when I started to create my blog. According to the Wikipedia, “Semantic URL” refers to a URL which is of a form that is immediately and intuitively meaningful to non-expert. For example,  if we refer to a publishing pages in SharePoint , we might see http://<someserver>/<somedepartment>/pages/default.aspx ,… Read More »

Windows Live Writer

Setelah lama menggunakan BlogJet, hari ini nampaknya saya akan beralih menggunakan Windows Live Writer. Yach, kita harus menghormati pembuat BlogJet yang menuntut pembayaran lisensi; sementara menulis di Blog adalah pekerjaan sambilan yang semestinya juga gratis. Jadi tidak logis kalau saya harus merogoh kocek untuk membeli BlogJet. Dilain pihak, Microsoft menawarkan Windows Live Writer secara gratis… Read More »