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PowerShell : Modifying Web AppPool Account

English I think you may already know Set-SPServiceApplicationPool. This command can be used to modify apppool account for service application – but it doesn’t work for Web Application. I am looking for Set-SPWebApplicationPool but I can not find it anywhere. So here is the PowerShell script   param([string] $url, [string] $account) $SPWebApp = Get-SPWebApplication $url… Read More »

SPS 2010 Toolkit : Administration Toolkit V1

English SharePoint team just released SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit V1, which contains : – User Profile Replication Engine 2010 – Security Configuration Manifest – Content Management Interoperatibility Services Connector – Load Testing Kit More information about this toolkit can be found here:

SharePoint 2010: How to create Cascading Lookup Field

English In the previous version, creating cascading lookup field was becoming a problem. At least 2 or more technique have been proposed for example using Javascript , or custom field. In this video cast, I will continue the InfoPath and SharePoint 2010 productivity series by implementing the cascading lookup field using InfoPath. In this video,… Read More »

PowerShell : Working with XML

English I have found 2 good articles on how work with XML in PowerShell. Don’t be surprised that you will find % notation that represent ForEach-Object.

SharePoint 2010: How to create filtered lookup field

English Imagine a business scenario where we have a lookup field in our list. The reference list contains items Title and their status.  Previously it always difficult to create filtered lookup field with minimal development task. But now, we can use InfoPath 2010 to achieve that functionality. Part III , InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint 2010… Read More »

SharePoint 2010 WebCast: Customizing list form using InfoPath Designer 2010

English: Imagine that user wants to build Book lending application using SharePoint 2010. Initially they must register the book description , and sub-sequently they will update book lending status.  On the registration, the status should not be available in the form – however on lending event , they have to modify the status of the… Read More »

SharePoint 2010: MS Patterns and Practices – Developing Application for SharePoint 2010

English Whether you are geek SharePoint 2007 who are migrating to SharePoint 2010  – or freshmen who are starting to develop application for SharePoint 2010; Microsoft Patterns and Practices is always good resources to learn. In the SharePoint 2007 era, Microsoft release paterns and practices quite long time after the release of SharePoint 2007. But, good… Read More »