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Riwut Libinuko is SharePoint Server MVP in Singapore. Currently, I am working as SharePoint Architect in Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Banking.

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  1. Hello, We have a SharePoint server 2007 with an intranet site visible to the local. We also have an AD and ISA 2004 on the network. I need to allow the sharepoint portal to be accessible externally. i have tried this for months without any success. Please your thought will be highly appreciated.

    • Hello,

      If I understand correctly, you ISA server will act as reverse proxy to the SharePoint server, and the user will use their AD to access the SharePoint from internet.
      With this requirement, you will need to configure following:
      1. Kerberos delegation between ISA server and SharePoint, this is to allow incoming credential – authenticated in ISA server to pass through to SharePoint server.
      2. FQDN of public name, pointing to ISA public interface/public IP.
      3. NAT rule in ISA to translate following:
      – FQDN port 80 to SharePoint server internal name (for example intranet.sharepoint.ad.domain)
      4. Alternate Access Mapping in SharePoint server:
      – (you decide the zone), internal URL FQDN port 80 and intranet.sharepoint.ad.domain – public URL FQDN port 80

      Good luck.


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