K2Studio | Make it alive in new .NET Framework


We have request to support very old application, built using K2.NET 2003. K2.NET 2003 is a workflow engine (BPM) product by SourceCode Technology Holding Inc. It was initially released on 2003, before replace by the sucessor K2 Blackpearl in 2007 (see the history here). An 13 years old product, and yes we still have some application using it. While most of our development tools have been upgraded, the latest K2.NET 2003 service pack (SP4) was released on 2006; therefore it still uses .NET Framework 2.

If we install the product into our new environment, we will get following error in the event log. This is simply because by default the assembly will be executed under .NET framework [read more...]

SharePoint 2013 : PowerShell for SharePoint Command Builder


There are more than 300 SharePoint PowerShell cmdlets and its growing and changing from time-to-time. How administrator or developer will be able to remember all of those cmdlets? The answer :

Using HELP (get-help) if you have access to PowerShell console and Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell snap-in ; PowerShell for SharePoint Command Builder (

The PowerShell for SharePoint Command Builder is a powerfull dictionary tools – build using Silverlight that lists all SharePoint’s PowerShell cmdlets. It’s been around before SharePoint 2013 becomes public – contains all SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 CMDLETS description.

Eventually its not too user friendly – but all developer/IT Pro should easily understand what to do with the tools. Basically there are 2 things that you [read more...]

Windows Azure : Using WebMatrix to Create WordPress Multisite in Azure


In case you have not tried Windows Azure to host your blog, I think it is time todo so; because Windows Azure is also capable to host many types of blogging platform such as WordPress. I stumbled upon “Convert a WordPress Site to Multisite” – when trying to figure-out how to host my blog in Windows Azure.

Instead of using FTP or GIT as described in that article, I use WebMatrix and standard WordPress configuration in Windows Azure. The WebMatrix allow us to load deployment configuration XML directly from the Windows Azure web sites – so basically we don’t need to perform extra configuration on the client side.

By default, Windows Azure website will provide sub-domain under [read more...]

SharePoint 2010: Troubleshoot Language Pack 14.0.6028.1000

EnglishI have same experience with Arudell, who wrote SharePoint Installer Troubleshooting here, however with different path of achieving the success.

Problem summary

Among some servers in our farm, we had almost un-fixed issue. The problem is all server have been updated with SharePoint Server 2010 SP1 but the newer servers show version 14.0.6028.1000 and on the older servers show version 14.0.6029.1000. This is really stressing, since I can not re-deploy SP1 to fix the issue. And moreover, adding CU after SP are not helping at all.

Service Pack 1 mismatch

Presented solution

Basically the solution presented by Arudell, is to remove problematic product (version 14.0.6028.100) and manually replace it with correct binaries extracted and manually [read more...]