Economical SSL Certificate Options

I have been using their service since 1 year ago, but I forget to put in my blog until last week they notify about my SSL certificate expiration. Eventually I forget all the steps to create the certificate – but Continue reading Economical SSL Certificate Options

Introducing Solution Deployer Nuget

English SharePoint Solution Deployer, by Matthias Einig has been around from 2012. You can find it in Codeplex – SPSD SharePoint Solution Deployer here. Initially it was targeted for SharePoint 2007 deployment but has been evolved many times and now it Continue reading Introducing Solution Deployer Nuget

Introducing Installation Package MsBuild

English After the 3 series of Progressive Solution Installation Package using Nuget, many are asking whether we can streamline the process to create the installation package. My answer is YES. Today I want to introduce Installation Package MsBuild which has Continue reading Introducing Installation Package MsBuild

ShareCofee to Help Your Apps for SharePoint Development

English Whether you are serious SharePoint Apps provider or seasonal apps provider; you may have been experiencing the high complexity developing the apps. This is because in many cases, developing SharePoint Apps will require you to use from common JavaScript Continue reading ShareCofee to Help Your Apps for SharePoint Development