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Setting up a Hugo blog using Github Workflow and Azure Blob Storage

In the following post, I am going to elaborate how I finally run my blog on Azure blob storage using static site generator Hugo. I also use Github Actions workflow to perform CI/CD by generating the site and publish to Azure blob storage. Github Actions provides 2000 free build minutes per month for private repo - and unlimited free build minutes if you use public repo in Github. My Configuration Github, private repo that contains my Hugo blog and resources.

Migrate to static CMS

Context I have been using WordPress for many years, and I am satisfied with it. Unfortunately, after I moved the hosting to Azure App service I encountered many recurring challenges: Lost assets (images, videos) I still do not understand why due to unknown circumstances, I images/videos are deleted from wp-content/uploads. Initially I think I do not upload properly, hence I re-upload. After few days, the images/video suddenly disappear from the post.

SP2019 OnPrem - Howto enable missing new Document template

When I created my first teamsite in SharePoint 2019 on-prem, I was impressed with the new elegant design. However as soon as I opened the Document Library - I feel that something was amiss. Following screenshot is the Document library in SharePoint 2019 on-prem: I can no longer find “Document” template when I click on “New". In SharePoint 2019 on-prem its only showing “Folder” and “Link” under “New” button while in SharePoint online I can see Document templates and ‘+ Add template’ menu.

Why I format my SSD using command line

Last month I bought new external SSD drive of 512 GB. I plan to use it as a file history backup of my Windows 10. Initially, I have no idea why I left with only 25 GB free space after I activate the file history. Until this morning when I really need more space, I started to find out more what is actually happening. I right click a folder in C:\ and the compare it with the external SSD, and found out that the ratio between Size and Size on disk are different between both.


After spending some times drawing on the board and planning, finally I have time to start realizing the idea. You can read in other post why I am starting Generator-Office-X. I spend 2 weekends to read blogs, open source and finally come up with the first release of Generator-Office-X in npm library. Releasing Generator-Office-X Generator-Office-X is now available in NPM official repository ( You will need Yeoman before you can use generator-office-x.


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Riwut Libinuko is a Senior Cloud Architect.


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