Why I format my SSD using command line

Last month I bought new external SSD drive of 512 GB. I plan to use it as a file history backup of my Windows 10. Initially, I have no idea why I left with only 25 GB free space after I activate the file history. Until this morning when I really need more space, I… Read More »


After spending some times drawing on the board and planning, finally I have time to start realizing the idea. You can read in other post why I am starting Generator-Office-X. I spend 2 weekends to read blogs, open source and finally come up with the first release of Generator-Office-X in npm library. Releasing Generator-Office-X Generator-Office-X… Read More »

Installing SharePoint 2019 on-prem to Windows Server 2019

The installation experience of SharePoint 2019 to Windows Server 2019 was brisk except that I have issue during pre-requisites installation. It takes me sometimes before I realize that SharePoint 2019 still require Windows features that depends on .NET Framework 3.5. I launched prerequisites installer, and it stops quickly with error. I click “Review the log… Read More »

eXtended Office Add-ins project generator – Architecture

December and January was a busy month for me, I have been reading lot about Yeoman generator. There is not much documentation about Yeoman generator, and even if there is some documentation I feel it is far from clarity. I don’t want to offence the Yeoman folks, in fact they have done very great job.… Read More »