Using FrontPage Search and Replace to Modify Infopath Data

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In the Migrating InfoPath Document Library, I did not mention how to modify thousands of Infopath Data. Although this should be unproblematic, however some of our fellows are misled into creating custom migration application. The application runs in server box, read the XML modify and update the data (SharePoint document library). When designed in the correct manner, the application will be fine – should you spend some time for development.

Fortunately, we can use FrontPage instead and do search and replace in source file. This is error proof solution and employs no development time. This tip is obviously a step-by-step guid for misled.

Open Document Library in FrontPage 2003

rwt infopath 01

Open the Data as XML in FrontPage 2003

rwt infopath 02

Find the Desired Text to Modify

rwt infopath 03

**Do Replace (CTRL+H) Action
**Replace the desired text to match the new location

rwt infopath 04

List all Affected Files
To list all affected files in this operation, click “Find in Site”

rwt infopath 05

Make sure that you have scrolldown all the affected files. Unselect if necessary, and commit to “Replace All” or “Replace” - ing files.

Riwut Libinuko
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