MOSS 2007: Rounded Web Part , a Nifty Corners Cube hacks

Joko Widono - Oct 1, 2007

Bisa tolong beri tahu cara pakai nifty sekalian tidak? Saya tidak tahu cara pakainya. Setelah saya menglink css dan js filenya, lalu masukkan kodenya, bagaimana selanjutnya? Bisa tolong beri contoh satu bagian saja, contohnya button, pleeasseee…

I have followed all your steps closely, but don't seem to get this to work. After I enter your “my nifty code” to the content editor webpart I get the message “please wait while scripts are loaded”. I also don't understand where you get the css class wp-outerbox and wp-contentbox from.

Yes, we need niftyCorners.css The keypoint of this technique is modifying outer-box div corner using CSS. And we find the outer-box div by selecting the style class. So you might wonder, where wp-outerbox and wp-contentbox comes from. They come from my custom webpart. The webpart render two div's , crafted with wp-outerbox and wp-contentbox css class. My webpart structures, (with full tag div) DIV class=wp-outerbox DIV class=wp-contentbox {{ACTUAL CONTENT GOES HERE}} /DIV /DIV

Untuk Joko Widono, sorry baru jawab sekarang.. untuk menggunakan nifty tinggal menggunakan contoh diatas, prinsipnya step-step yang harus dilakukan adalah, 1. tambahkan link ke javascript dan css nifty 2. load javascript nifty pada saat body onload 3. batasi konten kedalam 2 div (2 div inilah yang akan dibuat melengkung) 4. jalankan nifty untuk memodifikasi border. (English) For Joko, sorry for this late answer, To use nifty, you can just follow step by step above, however the key point of the steps are, 1. add link reference for nifty js and css 2. load nifty on body-onload event 3. put the actual content into 2 level div (those two divs will be made our corner) 4. run nifty procedure to modify the corner.

Hello Cakriwut, It seems to me this method cater for a certain webpart. What if I want to do rounded corner to all the webparts in sharepoint?

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