MOSS 2007: Migration Steps from Beta 2 / Beta 2TR to Final Release

Bruce Trevarthen - Jan 2, 2007

Hello When I try this I get the message: This database is from a pre-release version of SharePoint Products and Technologies that cannot be upgraded. Any ideas? Cheers Bruce

I bet you try to upgrade directly from MOSS Beta 2 - to - MOSS final. And now you've MOSS final. So, please do following, 1. Uninstall MOSS final 2. Install MOSS Beta 2 TR, and do similar procedure to this article (in this case the content database will gradually upgrade from Beta 2 - to - Beta 2 TR) 3. Install Uninstall MOSS Beta 2 4. Install MOSS Final, and to the procedure in this article (in this step you gradually upgrade from Beta 2 TR - to - MOSS Final)

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