MOSS 2007: Enable Search Visibility !

By | January 23, 2007


This morning I have disussion with Mark why we can’t search page content in our new MOSS 2007 server installation. I remembered that in Beta 2 and Beta 2 TR – there was no such problem (or may be I didn’t realize it before?)

We start to full crawl – because I remember that I never do full crawl before. And I have scheduled midnight crawling in purpose; to save my laptop power; which also mean never run – because I don’t run it at midnight.

After waiting for a while, there was no luck. Search always return empty results. Then we try to look for search setting in Administration Page, SSP and Site Setting. It was Mark who first figure out that there is “Search visibility” in site collection setting.



If you click on “Search visibility” link, then new search visibility setting page will appear. Choose the appropriate settings, for example just like bellow – to index page content.


Wait for crawling schedule before you start to search page content, based on that settings.

One thought on “MOSS 2007: Enable Search Visibility !

  1. Pratik Vyas

    I wonder with the idea you have used because by default the settings is on “Do not index ASPX pages if this site contains fine-grained permissions”, right and though I am able to get page content on search result.
    Any idea, why?


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