Configuring web.config for RSS WebParts

By | June 2, 2009


Today, I’ve got an enquiries from one of our users, who could not configure their RSS WebParts. I know from the errors message, its related with proxy and authentication – but in fact he was trying to get feed from internal server.

So, what is the situation?
We have internal domain with suffix *.mib , however some of our internal server doesn’t have internal name or lies across the region. Those which lay on the other region are only accessible through *.com name, which then routed using VPN in our internal network.

Existing web.config, is a standard just like in Kit Kai blog, or Agusto blog.

a. Authentication
    All of our servers uses requires user authentication, which normally integrated into their domain account. However, when we deal with this kind of scenario, we may expect double-hop situation. Where users authentication need to be proxy to the next  server. In our environment, we identified that this is not a problem since they all configured with KERBEROS.

b. Incorrect route
    We know that the purpose of bypassing local proxy is to avoid RSS feed request to be routed through proxy. Having request through proxy could be cumbersome, since RSS webpart should handle authentication which is unsupported.
Hmm..  this could be the problem. Since the source RSS on other region is having *.com address; so in this case “bypassonlocal=true” doesn’t give any benefit.

The Fix
Fortunately there is one more section that we might overlooked. If we refer to MSDN in this link, we can specifically exclude any URLs from being proxied.

So, since I want exclude some internal * from the proxy – I then modify the web.config into,

         <proxy proxyaddress=”
http://proxysvr.mib:8080″ bypassonlocal=”true” />
            <add address=”[a-z]+\.mycompany\.com” />
            <add address=”192\.168\..*” />

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