Office Server 2010: How to install SPS2010 in Single Box Development Server

English SharePoint 2010 relies on 64 bit infrastructure and higher hardware specifications, where it is not always affordable for freelance consultant to upgrade existing laptop for that requirement. Then, a single box development server will become a choice. Sometimes, it also mean for simplification where everything run in the same box ; Domain Server – SQL Server 2008 – SharePoint 2010 – Office 2010 and Visual Studio 2010. There is nothing special when installing or configuring those roles / application in the server , EXCEPT SharePoint 2010 installation process will strangefully follow different path. There will be no selection on the installation type anymore. You will not be prompted for Standalone or Farm installation option anymore. How to install SPS2010 in Single Box Development Server? 1.  After you have finished installing OS, start to add Active Directory Domain Service roles.       Complete the installation procedure and configure the roles. 2.  Then, start to add Application Server and Web Server roles.       This installation is straight forward, and you will be easily get your Application Server and Web Server roles configured in the machine. 3. Install SQL Server 2008 SP1 + CU KB970315      Download SQL Server 2008 SP1 here:      Download CU KB970315 here: And here is the tricky part, installing SPS2010 4.  Extract SPS2010 installer to a folder  <spsinstaller.exe> /extract:e:\sps2010 That command will extract <spsinstaller.exe> to folder e:\sps2010. Replace <spsinstaller.exe> with your own distribution.     5. You will see that there is several sub-folder under Files folder in the extracted location. Each sub-folder represents different setup option. For example, SetupFarm contains configuration files for farm installation option etc. 6. Start the installation sequence by executing following command in the extracted location.         Setup.exe /config Files\SetupFarm\config.xml   If you want to know other options, you can execute : setup.exe /? command. 7.  Remember you will not see following installation option, so just follow the dialog and wait untill installation completed. And now everything is normal again, 8.  Next start the Configuration Wizard. (If you have been doing SharePoint 2007, it is just straight forward and as easy as it was).       9. And finally you can start configuring the other development tools. Remember that the step 4-7 are only necessary when you install Active Directory Domain Service in a Single Box – otherwise you can always execute the installer directly.

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