SharePoint 2010 : How to create External Content type

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but during add new item i dont need a feld called (reportId)wich is auto incremented feild and is (not null) in sqlserver2008… rether than i simply wana other felds to show during add items.. and this field must not come over there in pop up for add new item…….. during insertion or adding it must automatically increments. but it coming in my add new pop up….n i don’t wanna put identity manually…it must happen in database automatically…………………………any suggestions….???

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Thanks, Good post.

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The best part is when I am in Sharepoint Designer 2010 and click on the External Content Types, I get the message: “business data connectivity metadata store is currently unavailable”.

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Tell me one thing If I want auto populate the values  in the fields from  one or more tables and relationships,How I can achieve this???

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Does anyone know how to edit the column type once the External Content is created.

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Hi, Thanks for this great article! Do you know if Enterprise licence is needed for External Contype Use? Thanks for your help! François

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Hello, You don’t need enterprise license. -Riwut-

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