SharePoint 2010: Howto configure Business Data Connectivity access rights


You may encounter “Access denied by Business Data Connectivity” error when trying to access External List. The reason is because External List requires External Content type ; and External Content type is using Business Data Connectivity services proxy to access external Data Source. With the same principle of BDC in MOSS 2007 – users are required to have BDC Object permission before they can use it.  There are several set of permission available for the BDC object:

- Edit                                  
- Execute                            
- Selectable in Clients
- Set Permissions

How to configure the BDC access rights?

1. Open Central Administration page, and click on Manage service application.


2. Click on Business Data Connectivity Service


3. Open the context menu of the External Content type (ie. External CT in this example). Click on Set permissions.


4. Add account (Group, or User) and assign the permissions.


5. Set appropriate permission to the BDC object. Remember that BDC object permission rules the interaction between user and external data source through BDC object. It doesn’t rules his/her permission accessing Forms in the list (New / Edit / Delete  form).


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