SharePoint 2010: How to create filtered lookup field

By | July 11, 2010


Imagine a business scenario where we have a lookup field in our list. The reference list contains items Title and their status.  Previously it always difficult to create filtered lookup field with minimal development task. But now, we can use InfoPath 2010 to achieve that functionality.

Part III , InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Productivity series webcast shows how to create filtered lookup field.  There are two lists in the scenario “Books” and “Members” list.  The Books list contains list of books Title, Author and Status. There are 2 status of books, “Available” , “In-Used” and “Missing”.

“Members” list has Books  , lookup field – which should show only the “Available” books.

7 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010: How to create filtered lookup field

  1. Dhiraj

    Can we do the same thing without using InfoPath forms?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Lutfuth


    Which program did you used for create these webcasts?
    Please let me also know which resolution do you have.

    Thanks a lot for your answer


  3. Sabin

    Hello Riwut,
    Thank You very much for your video, It helped me a lot for couple of projects i was working on. I was going through another issue, i was wondering if you might be able to help me. 
    Lets assume scenario you used in this article "Books" and "Members List" where we have Title, author and Status. So using your technique now we can display title of the books that are available when we create new item in "Members List".
    IS there a way that, after you create new item in "Members List"  we can update status of "Books" list to " In Use". SO upon creation of another new item in "Members List", we wont see same item being displayed.
    I would really appreciate your help.
    Thank You

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  5. Rui Ventura

    Hi Riwut,

    I have an infopath form with a secondary source from a sharepoint list.
    I am trying to auto populate the customer name field when the customer number field is selected but when i add a rule it only adds the first customer name in my list.
    Do you have any ideas?
    Thx in Advance


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