SharePoint 2010: RemoteStsAdm PowerShell Module is available via NuGet


Few month ago I have introduced RemoteStsAdm, a PowerShell module that enable you to execute StsAdm.exe remotely. StsAdm.exe is a command line administration tools for SharePoint. Unfortunately to run StsAdm, one must log-in to SharePoint server member – since the tool can not be executed remotely. RemoteStsAdm is to answer this problem, allowing admin to execute StsAdm remotely. You can download the source code from MSDN Galery here or read the original article in previous post here

Yesterday, I have released ImportPSModule that will easy PowerShell module distribution, allow update notification and configuration. The RemoteStsAdm PowerShell module is now available via NuGet, so that you don’t need to download and extract manually. All will be done seamlessly, and whenever we got script update – you will get notified as soon as you open PowerShell session.

So what do you wait for, open PowerShell session and type following:

[ps]Import-PSModule RemoteStsAdm [/ps]

Riwut Libinuko
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