Project Server 2010: How to Add Delegate Access to Other Users


Access delegation is a process to authorize a user to performs action on behalf of delegated user. For example, John is a project manager for a running project. One day, he needs to travel for a week and delegate his role to his friend Doe. John will then delegate his account to Doe, allowing Doe to perform action on behalf of John.

When delegating the access, John will be able to define :

  1. The duration, when delegate access effectively starts and ends
  2. The delegate name, user who will receive access delegation; in this case Doe.

John credential will still be protected since access delegation will not reveal John password neither allow the delegate to surpass John access. For example, imagine if John is an Administrator that has create user and create group permission. Delegating access to Doe will not grant right to Doe to remove John from the Administrator group; Doe also won’t be able to add himself to Administrator group. This mechanism ensures that the delegate will not be able to hijack the original user’s right.

This Step-By-Step Shows How to Add Delegate Access to Other Users.

  1. Open Project Web Access, and then click Personal Setting on the left navigation.


  2. In the Personal Settings page. Click Manage Delegates.


  3. In the Delegations page, click New.


  4. In the Add Delegation, configure delegate information such as:

    • Set Delegation Period, when to start and ends access delegation
    • Set Delegate, to define other user who will receive delegation
    • Working on Behalf Of, to define original user who give the delegation


  5. Click Save.


Riwut Libinuko
Sr. Cloud Solution Architect

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.

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