Project Server 2010: How to Start Delegated Session on Behalf of Other User


On previous post, I already explained how to create and delete access delegation in Enterprise Project Server 2010. As a delegate user, access delegation will not start immediately. This is to avoid conflict between your own session tasks and on-behalf tasks. Access delegation will start when you decide to start and stop when you decide to end it. The session will be persisted in the server therefore once you start access delegation, you will be in delegated session even tough you have logged-off and re-login to the server.

To start delegated session you can follow the step-by-step:

  1. Open Project Web Access, and then click Personal Setting on the left navigation.


  2. Click Act as a Delegate.


  3. Select the users who has given delegation access to you and click Start Delegate Session.


  4. Enterprise Project Server 2010 will show information toolbar on top of every pages, during Delegated Session operation. This is to indicate that you are working on behalf of other user.


Riwut Libinuko
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