Windows Azure : Using WebMatrix to Create Wordpress Multisite in Azure

English In case you have not tried Windows Azure to host your blog, I think it is time todo so; because Windows Azure is also capable to host many types of blogging platform such as Wordpress.  I stumbled upon “Convert a Wordpress Site to Multisite” - when trying to figure-out how to host my blog in Windows Azure. Instead of using FTP or GIT as described in that article, I use WebMatrix and standard Wordpress configuration in Windows Azure. The WebMatrix allow us to load deployment configuration XML directly from the Windows Azure web sites - so basically we don't need to perform extra configuration on the client side. By default, Windows Azure website will provide sub-domain under * ; for example To use custom domain, Windows Azure must be able to validate that you are the owner of that domain. There are 2 method of validation, using name alias (CNAME) or using address (A) record. For example, to validate that you are the owner of, Windows Azure will perform one of following validation:

  1. Using name alias (CNAME),  checking that is name alias of Limitation, you can't use wildcard validation - because you will not be able to map ** **as alias.- OR-
  2. Using Address (A) record, add address (A) record of to point to IP address of . Add name alias (CNAME) for A record validation, in this case awverify.** **as name alias of This method will enable mapping default domain to Windows Azure website. For example, @ will need validation alias as name alias of .

For more detail about custom domain configuration, please refer to Configure a custom domain name for a website article. For complete step using WebMatrix to create Wordpress multisite in Azure, check-out following web-cast:

Riwut Libinuko
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