SharePoint 2010: Troubleshoot Report Server has encountered a SharePoint error

By | July 29, 2013


This morning, when I tried to browse and publish our new report to the Report document library, the operation was failed with following error:


I tried to figure out the issue by tracking down into ULS log, Windows event log and activating remote error in Reporting Server Administration page. Unfortunatelly, there is no information related with this issue.

I made a check-point by browsing and publishing to other document library, and I have no issue browsing and publishing to other document library.  This check point was very important to conclussion that I have problem with specific Report library.

But what is the problem?

I quickly opened the Report library in Windows Explorer,  and surprisingly I can find hidden sub folder inside. I have full administrative rights to the Report library, but in my case the sub folder not listed through web browser.  I moved the content of hidden sub folder and deleted it; still no luck.


The fixes
The fixes is simple, by removing everything from problem library and recreating them back to original place. So follow this step.

  1. Temporary create other document library
  2. Using Windows Explore, move all files and folder from problem library to temporary document library
  3. Copy all files and folder from temporary document library to problem library
  4. Clean-up temporary document library


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