SharePoint 2010 | Troubleshoot Too Many Columns When Activating Publishing Features

English I received an error request from one our client that they can't activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastucture feature in the website. The error, “There are too many columns of the specific data type…” Publishing Error So looking the detail in ULS Viewer, I understand that SharePoint failed to create “Quick Deploy Items” list during the activation. I don't know why - but probably because the site was imported from other website and the “Quick Deploy Items” columns becomes duplicated. ULS Publishing So how we solve this issue?

  1. Open SharePoint 2010 Management Shell
  2. Remove the Quick Deploy Items list, by using following script        $spweb = get-spweb [URL of the site]        $splist = $spweb.Lists[“Quick Deploy Items”]        $splist.AllowDeletion = $true        $splist.Update()        $splist.Delete()
  3. Activate the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
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