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I have been using their service since 1 year ago, but I forget to put in my blog until last week they notify about my SSL certificate expiration. Eventually I forget all the steps to create the certificate - but I manage to renew my SSL certificate for another year for FREE! Before going further, let me confess that I am using StartSSL PKI. I stumbled upon their offer after googling to find economical SSL certificate creation. Usually the CA Root will offer free trial, and subsequently you have to pay if you want to continue. The trial starts from 30 days to 90 days, and it will cost start from USD 50. But StartSSL PKI offer 1 year free Class 1 SSL certificate, which  I can use to protect my website. At a glance here are the process to create your very first own SSL certificate.

  1. Register your email to receive digital StartSSL OpenID. [Important: keep this digital certificate securely! This will be the only option to access to your account. If you lose it, you must use different email address to register! I backup my certificate to Google Drive and OneDrive.]
  2. To gain access to the tool, you must authenticate to Control Panel. The process is not to obvious, but you can find the link on top right of the homepage. startssl_controlpanel
  3. Once you’ve authenticated to the Control Panel, you must check if your email or domain is still validated. [Important: validation status will expire 30 days after validation process.] If the validation is expired or not exists anymore, just follow the Validation wizard again. For example, in my case - during renewal process I have to validate my email and domain again. Follow this wizard for email validation: startssl_emailvalidationFollow this wizard for domain validation: startssl_2_domainvalidation
  4. There are 3 other type of validation which are not free (Personal Identity, Organization, Extended) validation. I don’t need that validation for the moment, but compare to other company StartSSL provide more value for money.
  5. Finally you can start to create your very first SSL certificate using Certificate Wizard tools. You can choose from S/Mime, Web Server SSL/TLS or XMPP (Jabber) SSL/TLS - for free certificate. Or if your personal/organization is validated (USD 49 / 2 years), then you can select Object Code Signing certificate. This last certificate is useful if you publish signed code. startssl_3_webserverssl

Even tough you can create the certificate for free, revocation will cost USD 24.90. For premium customer a.k.a extended validation certificate, the revocation is free. As for my case, StartSSL notify me 2 weeks before my certificate expire. I follow the above step to create new SSL certificate replacement for my website and bind again to the server without disrupting our service.

Riwut Libinuko
Sr. Cloud Solution Architect

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.

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