SharePoint 2016 Installation Troubleshot

Whether you are SharePoint veteran or new I think it's always worth to have installation problem and how to troubleshot. Below are my troubleshot collection when I install SharePoint 2016 preview.

Lab configuration:

  1. Svr01

    1. OS : Windows Server 2016 CTP 4
    2. Active Directory, with Windows 2016 forest mode
  2. Svc02

    1. OS: Windows Server 2016 CTP4
    2. SQL Server 2016 RC1
    3. SharePoint Server 2016 RC March 07, 2016

Problem #1: Wait on database engine recovery handle failed.


According to Stackoverflow ( we need to change the service account to NT Authority\NETWORK SERVICE .

But I prefer to use MSA (Managed Service Account)

Problem #2: ..and error occurred during the pre-login handshake


Register SQL Server Database service SPN , the format is MSSQLSvc/[SERVER:Instance]. Register all possible combination of database service call from client.

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