Practical Guide – Moving Wordpress Hosting to Azure

I will close this year activity by moving my wordpress hosting from JustHost to Azure. I am using JustHost introductory offer USD 3.95 / months for the past 4 years, but unfortunately I can not get that price anymore. They renewed my plan a month before ends, with new price USD 9.49 / months. The monthly subscription seems just a cup of coffee, but JustHost will charge 4 years in advance totalling USD 455.52. Alright, now its time to move to Azure. Normally hosting in Azure is not cheaper either, but with all technology and integration I put my trust to Azure. Let's see the price options for running App service in Azure.

The cheapest option for having Custom domain in App service is Shared environment which is not free. You can not also blindly point the DNS to the azure websites (* – without first registering it in App domain name. This option works out USD 9.45 / month.

For database, we can use MySQL in App (preview) for the database – or creating new MySQL instance. Many has suggested that hosting MySQL in the same host will improve the performance; so, I choose this option.

How to host a scalable and optimized WordPress for azure in minutes (, really deliver the message. I have my new WordPress up and running very quickly. It has domain by default.

The next step it to make enable WordPress Multisite, since my original WordPress is also multisite wordpress. I follow the steps here - Since it's not possible to map wildcard domain to Azure, the master network for multisite WordPress will be in * , while the content blog will be in .I have problem to figure out how to configure it, until I found ll WordPress Multi Domain Plugin from WPMU DEV ( . Using this plugin, my WordPress is ready and hosted in Azure.

Riwut Libinuko
Sr. Cloud Solution Architect

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.

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