PSGallery - SharePoint.Password.Manager

SharePoint Server farm relies on may services account, especially if you deployed the farm using recommended services account for least privileges settings. Some of the deployment may exclude the service accounts from periodical password change, however many organization do not allow such exclusion. The service accounts must change the password every certain period of time (60 days, 90 days, etc) as part of security policy in the organization. There are many articles describe how to update SharePoint service accounts password. For example this ( and this ( Unfortunately, the administrator still have to go through all manual processes which prone to human error and time consuming. SharePoint.Password.Manager module tries to solve the issue by consolidating the solution into an easy to use CmdLets, that can be executed in 1 simple command. Having such command handy in your server, will reduce the time to change password in your SharePoint farm. Grab the module from PowerShell Gallery here :

Riwut Libinuko
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