What's new in SharePoint admin center preview

For SharePoint online's administrator, the quickest way to open SPO admin site is by typing directly the url in following format


example, my tenant name is Libinuko, then the admin site is https://libinuko-admin.sharepoint.com. If you login to SPO admin today, you will see a link to “Try the new SharePoint admin center preview” on the top right corner (see below)   If you click the link above, you will be redirected to new admin page as shown below   So what's new in SharePoint admin center preview?

  1. Dashboard The dashboard becomes main landing page in the new SharePoint admin center. It shows Files activity, Active Sites, Message center and Service Health.
  2. Exportable Site management page If you click Site Management on the left navigation page, you will open site collection list in modern app view.There is “Export to Excel” button that could be very useful for day-to-day activities. There is another link (…) on the right side of column name, that allows administrator to add more columns in the display.
  3. Recycle bin is more accessible If you click Recycle bin on the left navigation page, you will open another modern app view showing recycle bin from all sites. I don't know if it will be exportable to Excel too, but it also allow Administrator to customize the columns in the table.
  4. All page uses modern app Overall, the user experience in the new SharePoint admin center is delivered using modern app page.
Riwut Libinuko
Sr. Cloud Solution Architect

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.

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