Howto configure Azure Pipelines for Github

When you read this post, I assume that you have already known that I started to create open source project Generator-Office-X. If you want to know why, just visit the previous post.

I have been using Travis CI for most of my GitHub repo, so far I have found no problem using free CI/CD service from Travis CI. I also been using freemium build from Azure Devops (previously known as Visual Studio Team Services) for my private repo.

All my private repos are in Azure Devops since previously GitHub did not provide private repo for free plan. But this status already change since beginning of year 2019 - since 2019 GitHub also provides unlimited private repositories now.

Devops First Before Development

I believe that devops must be configured and tested before starting development. In the beginning, we may think that devops only concern about:

  1. Continuous Integration (CI) , where code can be built successfully.
  2. Continuous Deployment (CD), where package can be deployed successfully.

Nowadays, the devops lies for any activities from the point of the source code has been committed to the end-product that is ready to use. The source code may be an application developed using various development languages such as JavaScript, C#, VB, Python etc .; it might be a documentation markdown documentation, HTML, text file, yaml etc. And the end-product can be executable, npm package, nuget package, web application etc.

The activities that devops can handle in the pipelines can be:

  • build
  • code review
  • test automation
  • project backlog integration
  • deployment
  • … and many more

Having devops configured and tested before starting the development, allows developer focus on development and ensure consistent standard throughout the project. Devops also allow us to perform automatic quality check to end-product, making our development experience seamless.

Next post will be full of images of the configuration.

Riwut Libinuko
Sr. Cloud Solution Architect

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.

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