After spending some times drawing on the board and planning, finally I have time to start realizing the idea. You can read in other post why I am starting Generator-Office-X. I spend 2 weekends to read blogs, open source and finally come up with the first release of Generator-Office-X in npm library.

Releasing Generator-Office-X

Generator-Office-X is now available in NPM official repository ( You will need Yeoman before you can use generator-office-x. Installing is easy (assuming you have pre-installed node.js)

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-office-x

When you install, it will also install official generator-office as dependencies. Hence, you can immediately use it to create Microsoft Office Add-ins project.

What's New?

The generator allows creation of following project templates:

  1. Office Add-in project using Vue framework
  2. Office Add-in project using Angular framework
  3. Excel Custom Functions Add-in prject
  4. Office Add-in project using Jquery framework
  5. Office Add-in containing manifest only
  6. Office Add-in project using React framework

You may notice that project template 2-6 are those from official Microsoft Office add-ins project.

Office-X in action

Following screen shows how to use “yo office-x” to create office add-ins using VueJS.

And following screen shows, how to use “yo office-x” to create office add-ins from the official template.


The repo is accepting pull request from any developer. If you have any template, or receipies that you perform on top of official Office Add-ins generator and you would like to share - just create pull request and add as sub-generator.

The repository is available here :

Riwut Libinuko
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My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.

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