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SharePoint Farm Version Number

Many of our folks in the field rely on SharePoint Farm Version number information in Central Administration to compare the patch level between servers. While this number is showing the latest SharePoint Foundation, it doesn’t always mean that you have a completely patched SharePoint farm. The reason, because Microsoft releases many different type of patches:… Read More »

Reporting Service: DataSourceDisabledException

English: During the operation of our Reporting Service Server, one of our clients reported accidental reports unavailability. Following is the screen capture on his browser : Accoding to server maintenance history, there was no action performed on that server. So, what can caused this sudden unavailability?  To investigate the issue, we activate ASP.NET debuging in web.config,… Read More »

SharePoint 2010 : RemoteStsAdm PowerShell Module

English The STSADM.exe is command-line tool for administration of Office SharePoint Server (SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010). It is installed on the same location as SharePoint Products and Technologies location: %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\bin (for SharePoint 2007) or %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\bin (for SharePoint 2010). You must be Farm Administrator to be able to run the… Read More »

SharePoint: Writing Custom Web Service for SharePoint in Supported Mode (part-1)

English If you have read my comments on the Writing Custom Web Service for SharePont, Is it supported here ( ; you may have already created standard ASPNET web services. It is working, but with some limitation: You can not have path virtualization Virtualization is one of SharePoint’s technique provided by SPVirtualPath provider, that enable… Read More »

SharePoint 2010: Remote StsAdm using PowerShell

English In large network, issuing a command to remote server from current terminal is sometimes necessary. Some propose client-server mode; for example Remote StsAdm ( and other propose to use PsExec ( The client-server mode requires installation of 3rd party tools. This kind of installation sometimes (or most of the time) is forbidden by company… Read More »

PowerShell : How to overcome double-hop problem in PowerShell remoting

English: I am interesting to the PowerShell remoting topic from PowerShell Cookbook Chapter 29 here ( In order to solve double-hop problem, it uses schedule task. The sample create schedule task to Enable-PSRemoting in remote machine. But don’t you think we need something more generic to overcome double-hop problem? PowerShell offers Enable-WSManCredSSP or Kerberos so… Read More »

SharePoint : Writing Custom Web Service for SharePoint, is it supported?

English You may already read this following article “Writing Custom Web Service for SharePoint Products and Technologies” ( or “Walkthrough: Creating a Custom ASP.NET Web Service” ( The steps can be summarized as follows: Create normal ASPNET web service In this step you will create ASPNET Web Services using Visual Studio as you always do.… Read More »

SharePoint 2010: How to create filtered lookup field

English Imagine a business scenario where we have a lookup field in our list. The reference list contains items Title and their status.  Previously it always difficult to create filtered lookup field with minimal development task. But now, we can use InfoPath 2010 to achieve that functionality. Part III , InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint 2010… Read More »

SharePoint 2010 WebCast: Customizing list form using InfoPath Designer 2010

English: Imagine that user wants to build Book lending application using SharePoint 2010. Initially they must register the book description , and sub-sequently they will update book lending status.  On the registration, the status should not be available in the form – however on lending event , they have to modify the status of the… Read More »

SharePoint 2010: MS Patterns and Practices – Developing Application for SharePoint 2010

English Whether you are geek SharePoint 2007 who are migrating to SharePoint 2010  – or freshmen who are starting to develop application for SharePoint 2010; Microsoft Patterns and Practices is always good resources to learn. In the SharePoint 2007 era, Microsoft release paterns and practices quite long time after the release of SharePoint 2007. But, good… Read More »