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Serving Images from Cloudinary CDN free plan

I am quite happy with the performance improvement to my WordPress hosting in Azure. After I put all the measure for performance improvement Change default application settings Create .user.ini to override php.ini settings Use AutoOptimize plugin (and web cache) Use CDN as reverse proxy cache Read my previous blog here – I analyse from… Read More »

Troubleshooting WordPress Multisite Hosting in Azure

Hosting single site WordPress in Azure is straight forward. With few clicks in Azure portal, your blog will be up and running easily. While moving my blog to Azure I face issues but managed to resolve it. So let see the issues: The issues Slowness This is one of the most nightmare that every blogger… Read More »

SharePoint Farm Version Number

Many of our folks in the field rely on SharePoint Farm Version number information in Central Administration to compare the patch level between servers. While this number is showing the latest SharePoint Foundation, it doesn’t always mean that you have a completely patched SharePoint farm. The reason, because Microsoft releases many different type of patches:… Read More »

ShareCofee to Help Your Apps for SharePoint Development

English Whether you are serious SharePoint Apps provider or seasonal apps provider; you may have been experiencing the high complexity developing the apps. This is because in many cases, developing SharePoint Apps will require you to use from common JavaScript framework like JQuery, AngularJS, Reqwest to more specific JavaScript framework to JavaScript SharePoint Client Object… Read More »

K2Studio | Make it alive in new .NET Framework

English We have request to support very old application, built using K2.NET 2003. K2.NET 2003 is a workflow engine (BPM) product by SourceCode Technology Holding Inc. It was initially released on 2003, before replace by the sucessor K2 Blackpearl in 2007 (see the history here). An 13 years old product, and yes we still have… Read More »

SharePoint 2013 : PowerShell for SharePoint Command Builder

English There are more than 300 SharePoint PowerShell cmdlets and its growing and changing from time-to-time.  How administrator or developer will be able to remember all of those cmdlets? The answer : Using HELP (get-help) if you have access to PowerShell console and Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell snap-in ; PowerShell for SharePoint Command Builder ( The PowerShell for… Read More »