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SharePoint 2010: How to ByPass Version Checking

English Its been a history, that some early release of CU contains regression bug or a slip-streamed bits contains incomplete update. Early-adopter sometimes face a dead-end situation, where the early-release patch has been deployed and unable to install the new update. The reason is because every patch/CU also contains version checking mechanism that will prevent… Read More »

SharePoint 2010: Security token exception

English Recent Windows Security Update MS13-004 (KB2756920) is causing problem SharePoint 2010 and Exchange server.  The symptom shows breaking WCF services such as SecurityTokenService error with one of following error messages: Error Messages: System.ServiceModel.Activation.Iis7Helper.ExtendedProtectionDotlessSpnNotEnabledThrowHelper (System.Object) System.InvalidOperationException: An exception was thrown in a call to a policy export extension. Extension: System.ServiceModel.Channels.TransportSecurityBindingElement… The requested service, ‘http://localhost:32843/SecurityTokenServiceApplication/securitytoken.svc’ could… Read More »

SSAS 2008: Class not registered REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG

English This morning I was having problem with one of my VM. When I tried to access SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) and browse the cube – it throws error :              Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT:  0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG)) SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) also open error message dialog box:             Exception of type… Read More »

Reporting Service: DataSourceDisabledException

English: During the operation of our Reporting Service Server, one of our clients reported accidental reports unavailability. Following is the screen capture on his browser : Accoding to server maintenance history, there was no action performed on that server. So, what can caused this sudden unavailability?  To investigate the issue, we activate ASP.NET debuging in web.config,… Read More »

Howto : Troubleshoot Windows 8 Activation

English: As MSDN Ultimate subscriber, we may have access to volume license installer. In order to activate volume license, one can use MAK (Multiple Activation Key) or KMS (Key Management Service). You can imagine MAK as out-premise activation Microsoft’s and KMS as in-premise activation; both requires Administrator authorization. When VL activation is unsuccessful you can… Read More »

SharePoint 2010: Troubleshooting PowerPivot Integration

English: During PowerPivot integration, I have found some issue which requires troubleshoot. Following are some errors and troubleshoot I have made   Problem       Error message during test connection procedure “A connection cannot be made. Ensure that the server is running.”. Description     Error raised when you press “Test connection” during creation of new connection… Read More »

VS 2010 : Cannot start service SPUserCodeV4

English Today, for the first time after installing the latest version of 2010 families, I encounter this error “Cannot start service SPUserCodeV4”. This error message comes when I tried to deploy – sandboxed solution.   Try to Google what would be the issue, I’ve found some blog here:   However, in my case… Read More »

Troubleshoot: SPPropertyBag can not deserialize complex type.

  English: In SharePoint, there is SPPropertyBag which can stores arbitrary key-and-value pairs into configuration database. And this is very good location compared with web.config. Moreover we can also create our custom class from SPPersistedObject to persist it state in a permanent store and retrieve it for later usage. (see MSDN refence SPPersistedObject) But don’t… Read More »