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ShareCofee to Help Your Apps for SharePoint Development

English Whether you are serious SharePoint Apps provider or seasonal apps provider; you may have been experiencing the high complexity developing the apps. This is because in many cases, developing SharePoint Apps will require you to use from common JavaScript framework like JQuery, AngularJS, Reqwest to more specific JavaScript framework to JavaScript SharePoint Client Object… Read More »

Troubleshoot: SPPropertyBag can not deserialize complex type.

  English: In SharePoint, there is SPPropertyBag which can stores arbitrary key-and-value pairs into configuration database. And this is very good location compared with web.config. Moreover we can also create our custom class from SPPersistedObject to persist it state in a permanent store and retrieve it for later usage. (see MSDN refence SPPersistedObject) But don’t… Read More »

Howto: Use lambda expression in SharePoint Object Model – Working with WebApplication

English Before you continue reading this post, I hope you have read the basic task to start using lambda expression in SOM here. A. Find existing job definition, named “Change Log” SPWebApplication spWebApplication = SPContext.Current.Site.WebApplication; var jobs = spWebApplication.JobDefinitions.Where(x => x.Title == "Change Log"); foreach(SPJobDefinition job in jobs)                Console.WriteLine(job.Id); B. Find existing custom job… Read More »