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SharePoint 2010 WebCast: Customizing list form using InfoPath Designer 2010

English: Imagine that user wants to build Book lending application using SharePoint 2010. Initially they must register the book description , and sub-sequently they will update book lending status.  On the registration, the status should not be available in the form – however on lending event , they have to modify the status of the… Read More »

SharePoint 2010: Howto configure Business Data Connectivity access rights

English You may encounter “Access denied by Business Data Connectivity” error when trying to access External List. The reason is because External List requires External Content type ; and External Content type is using Business Data Connectivity services proxy to access external Data Source. With the same principle of BDC in MOSS 2007 – users… Read More »

SharePoint 2010 : How to create External Content type

English: External Content type allows you to make seamless interface between SharePoint 2010 and external data storage (ie. SQL server). Using External Content type, you can create an External List which stores the data to predefined storage. You can imagine of having a table with SharePoint list interface. To create an External Content type, you… Read More »

SharePoint 2010: Howto start customize list form (New/Edit/View) using InfoPath Designer 2010

English In SharePoint 2010 there we have more option to customize list form. For instance, you can use SharePoint Designer 2010 or InfoPath Designer 2010. Since modifying list form using SPD is already exist in previous version. I will just show you how to customize list form using InfoPath Designer 2010. When customizing list form… Read More »

Office Server 2010: How to install SPS2010 in Single Box Development Server

English SharePoint 2010 relies on 64 bit infrastructure and higher hardware specifications, where it is not always affordable for freelance consultant to upgrade existing laptop for that requirement. Then, a single box development server will become a choice. Sometimes, it also mean for simplification where everything run in the same box ; Domain Server –… Read More »

Howto: Configure personal regional setting

English When you are working in multi-sites environment you may sometimes confused with the timestamp given by the server. The timestamp (Created Date, Modified Date) is combination of several factors : a. Server TimeZone   , is physical server timezone configuration. b. Web Application TimeZone , is application level timezone configuration. c. Site   , is subsite,… Read More »

SSP: How to add new profile property mapping

English When you work with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS 2007), you’ll find that one of its component is User Profiles synchronization. The User Profiles synchronization is maintained by Shared Service Provider (SSP). It synchronized MOSS user profile with Active Directory profiles. There are around 46 predefined profile with 21 are mapped to AD property.… Read More »

Howto: Configure Alternate Access Mapping

English Alternate Access Mapping (AAM) is alternate URL address defined to access the same SharePoint site. For example, if you have SharePoint site to serve internal and external users – then you will consider AAM. Using AAM – we can also define different authentication method to the incoming request. For example, internal user will use… Read More »

Howto: Disable MySite or My Links – link

English This is graphical guidelines to disable MySite or My Links link in a portal.   A. Open Central Admin , and click on SSP which serve My Site.   B. In the SSP Management page, click on “Personalization services permissions” C. Select the users/group, and click “Modify Permission of Selected Users”     D. … Read More »