Howto configure Azure Pipelines for GitHub (part-2)

What do you need? Azure Devops account (signup here : ) GitHub account (signup here: ) I will not elaborate how to create project in Azure Devops or GitHub. In this example, I created generator-office-x repository in both GitHub and Azure Devops account. The GitHub will be used to store the source code and Azure Devops will be used to run the build pipeline. Add “Azure pipeline” GitHub App to the Repository 1 - Open Github marketplace and search for “azure pipeline”

Howto configure Azure Pipelines for Github

When you read this post, I assume that you have already known that I started to create open source project Generator-Office-X. If you want to know why, just visit the previous post. I have been using Travis CI for most of my GitHub repo, so far I have found no problem using free CI/CD service from Travis CI. I also been using freemium build from Azure Devops (previously known as Visual Studio Team Services) for my private repo.