SP2019 OnPrem - Howto enable missing new Document template

When I created my first teamsite in SharePoint 2019 on-prem, I was impressed with the new elegant design. However as soon as I opened the Document Library - I feel that something was amiss. Following screenshot is the Document library in SharePoint 2019 on-prem: I can no longer find “Document” template when I click on “New". In SharePoint 2019 on-prem its only showing “Folder” and “Link” under “New” button while in SharePoint online I can see Document templates and ‘+ Add template’ menu.

Installing SharePoint 2019 on-prem to Windows Server 2019

The installation experience of SharePoint 2019 to Windows Server 2019 was brisk except that I have issue during pre-requisites installation. It takes me sometimes before I realize that SharePoint 2019 still require Windows features that depends on .NET Framework 3.5. I launched prerequisites installer, and it stops quickly with error. I click “Review the log file” in the error window, then it opens the log file in Notepad. As you can see, that prerequisites installer executes Install-WindowsFeature.

SharePoint 2013 | How to Create Contributor without Delete rights

cakriwut - Jan 5, 2014SharePoint 2013 | How to Create Contributor without Delete rights Agusto Xaverius P Sipahutar liked this on Facebook. Henky Katianda liked this on Facebook. Yuvaraja Chennakrishnan liked this on Facebook. Is it true that when you remove the delete option from the OOTB Contributor group, users will receive an Access Denied error if they attempt to edit the NAME of the object? Thank you.

SharePoint 2013 | How to Create Contributor without Delete rights

English The standard SharePoint installation comes with 7 default permissions level: Full Control Design Edit Contribute Read Limited Access View Only In some cases, developer may need to allow contribution without deletion rights. So how do we do it? So lets create Limited Contribute, permission for contribution without deletion rights using following steps. Open Site Settings, followed by Site Permission On the Site Permission page, click on Permission Levels On the Permission Levels page, click on Add a Permission Level Enter details of the New Permission Level, and remove Delete Items and Delete Versions from the permission details.

SharePoint: Writing Custom Web Service for SharePoint in Supported Mode (part-2)

English Before we continue, I suggest you read the first part here ; it gives basic idea of how it works. The purpose of part-2 is to make real implementation of Custom Web Service , but it is not the only way to do it. There are some key points that I want to show here: We will put our custom Web Services in a Custom folder under _vti_bin. In this case we will create new folder WSCustom under (12hive/ISAPI for SharePoint 2007 or 14hive/ISAPI for SharePoint 2010) We will need a helper to read SharePoint context (SPVirtualPath) before passing the request to the real ASMX.

SharePoint: Writing Custom Web Service for SharePoint in Supported Mode (part-1)

English If you have read my comments on the Writing Custom Web Service for SharePont, Is it supported here ( ; you may have already created standard ASPNET web services. It is working, but with some limitation: You can not have path virtualization Virtualization is one of SharePoint’s technique provided by SPVirtualPath provider, that enable virtualization of your web service path. For example, list.asmx will be available for http://mysite.

PowerShell : Compress files with Windows an improved version

English When I am looking for a way to compress file(s) into Zip, I find a blog from David Aiken here (Compress Files with Windows PowerShell then package a Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget) . I will just focus on Add-Zip function and nothing more. Here is the original code: function Add-Zip { param(\[string\]$zipfilename) if(-not (test-path($zipfilename))) { set-content $zipfilename ("PK" + \[char\]5 + \[char\]6 + ("$(\[char\]0)" \* 18)) (dir $zipfilename).IsReadOnly = $false } $shellApplication = new-object -com shell.

SharePoint Designer: Visual Touch Using Using Conditional Formatting

Inmake - Jun 2, 2011Интересно)

SharePoint Designer: Visual Touch Using Using Conditional Formatting

English: Conditional formatting now becomes easier using SharePoint Designer 2010. We can create intelligent view which able to highlight some important pointer in the display. There are 3 types of conditional formatting: 1. Show content , show content based on the pre-specified conditions 2. Hide content , hide content based on the pre-specified conditions 3. Apply formatting , apply formatting based on the pre-specified conditions. Visual Touch for Easy Reading

SharePoint 2010: How to change rating icons

Yuva - Dec 3, 2010Thanks for the clue dude. It saved me a lot of work. You're welcome. -:D