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Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration Daylight Saving Problem

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Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration Daylight Saving Problem

English I personally agree with SharePoint Survey Result posted here. In fact that I see many organizations tend to migrate Lotus Notes to SharePoint, manually - using crafted custom code or using some adequate tools. However, seems that those available tools or most of developer forget that “Lotus Notes is always timezone and daylight saving aware while Windows & Unix is not aware of those details”. And not to mention to any tools, we've found commercial tools are not aware of this daylight saving problem.

Finally VSeWSS can be installed on 64bit OS

English In SharePoint development world, Visual Studio extensions for Windows SharePoint Services (VSeWSS) is incredibly helps our tasks. However the default installation package only allows us to installed in 32bit OS. Previously - if you want to install it in 64bit OS , you have to do manual installation step which include extracting - modifying and re-package again. Now finally the CTP of VSeWSS 1.3 has been born to the world - and it support installation on 64 bit OS.