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MOSS 2007: How to create sub menu for context item

English (versi bahasa Indonesia) Features have been introduced as one of building block in SharePoint 2007. Using feature ones could extend the capabilities of SharePoint, from just a simple ActionMenu to the site definition – all of them can be done using feature. I have created many ActionMenu that extend “EditItem” block in SharePoint but sometimes its not enough. How about creating sub menu for context item – just like “Send to” context menu?

MOSS 2007 : Displaying User Picture Profile

English (versi bahasa Indonesia) Recently I’ve got a question how to display user picture profile. Again, there are many approach – however I’ll show you with no code approach. First, I want to emphasize that this approach can be used to answer other customization which uses SharePoint’s ootb controls. So, here we go. Open the default.aspx using SharePoint designer and look at the toolbox control on the right pane. You’ll see several categories ie.

How to enable "Edit Page" in SharePoint's standard form.aspx

CleverWorkarounds » More SharePoint Branding - Customisation using JavaScript Part 3 - Feb 4, 2008[…] first technique that I first used to my “Edit Page” back involved using SharePoint Designer to customise the page. By […] You can do it much easier way by tweaking URL. Just make it look like, newForm.aspx?ToolPaneView=2&PageView=Personal and you will be in Edit Mode for the page. No need to go to Designer. catch here for more url tweaks http://abstractspaces.

How to enable "Edit Page" in SharePoint's standard form.aspx

English (versi bahasa Indonesia) Just like the old version, if we want to add additional web part in standard form (newform.aspx, editform.aspx, dispform.aspx) then we have establish a strategy to view the page in edit mode. However, the new page model in SharePoint 2007 makes our job more easier. Picture 1a. No “Edit Page” in SharePoint form. Picture 1b. NewForm.aspx in Edit Mode Actually we can change site template definition, but since I don’t want to modify all forms, then I choose to edit directly using SharePoint Designer (SPD) .

MOSS 2007: How to delete default Shared Service?

English (versi bahasa Indonesia) You might already know that one of essential component in MOSS 2007 is the Farm’s Shared Services. Farm’s Shared Services serves all server in the farm for profiles, bussiness data catalog and many more. Default Shared Services is the first farm’s shared services that we create in our MOSS 2007 servers. If we ever create farm shared services, then any web applications listed in SharePoints configuration databases will be associated with any of farm shared services.

MOSS 2007: Some Caveats in WebPart Development

English (Indonesian version) WebPart creation is just analogous with the one for server controls. Any child controls in the webpart must be added programatically throughout the code (no design time GUIs) - and also for the layouts. Simply, what we do on server controls development are bringed into webpart development - the difference is webparts inheriting from System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebPart or Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.WebPart instead of System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebControl . However, there are some ceveats if you start developing webparts.

Records Management

English (baca Indonesian) The first notion in my mind about records management is a simple data / log management; however throughout learning process about MOSS 2007 concept, records management is more complex then data / log management. It's not as simple as document management - due to some requirements: clasification can and should be automated automatically create unique record having compliance in auditing and policy should have its own environment limited/controlled read access; wide write access Hence records management is document management with those additional requirements; or I can say it is an evidence management which collect and manage evidence in MOSS 2007.

Records Management

kiki - Jan 0, 2007salam, mas mau nanya tool untuk membangun record management berbasis windows bisa menggunakan apa? thanks Untuk membangun records management tentu saja bisa menggunakan MOSS 2007 , .NET Framework 2.0 & SQL Server dan sebagainya. Didalam MOSS 2007 sendiri, yang disebut sebagai records adalah dokumen-dokumen yang ingin disimpan secara terpusat - unik dan mengikuti ketentuan (policy) yang sudah ditetapkan. […] Hari ini mau coba Plan Records Manager di Sharepoint.

Sharepoint 2007: Starter Kit for 2007 Office System

Indonesian: Barangkali ada yang belum tahu bagaimana cara memulai coding diatas Sharepoint 2007, Microsoft telah menyediakan starter kit yang berisi contoh-contoh code. Beberapa diantaranya adalah: Workflow Developer Starter Kit for Windows SharePointServicesV3 Enterprise Content Management Starter Kit for 2007OfficeSystem English: Are you looking for Sharepoint 2007 development samples? Here with a growing list starter kit from Microsoft, (will be updated when I found new one) Workflow Developer Starter Kit for Windows SharePointServicesV3 Enterprise Content Management Starter Kit for 2007OfficeSystem

Sharepoint 2007: Streamline many configuration tasks

Indonesian: (see in English) Perubahan model kerja yang cukup besar di Sharepoint 2007 adalah pengurangan pekerjaan konfigurasi. Pekerjaan-pekerjaan konfigurasi di Sharepoint 2007 tidak perlu lagi dilakukan secara manual (kecuali mengedit web.config); namun sudah dapat dilakukan dengan menggunakan web interface yang sudah ada. Contohnya adalah, pada saat membuat applikasi web baru (virtual directory di IIS yang sudah ditingkatkan kemampuannya dengan Sharepoint), membuat web part tambahan, dsb. Aplikasi web baru dapat dibuat dengan menggunakan interface web Sharepoint 2007 tanpa harus menyentuh IIS.