Office 365

How to get First Release on your Office 365 tenant

I am personally not fan of Apple who wants to queue overnight for the first release of the device - but, I am a Microsoft's fans. Especially when it deals with Microsoft SharePoint including the cloud version known as Office 365. Sometimes it is thrilling to get the first release, because we may encounter unexpected bug. In the past we saw some hiccup to early adopters of SharePoint patches. But who cares, the statistic still shows that the probability of this kind regression is low.

SharePoint 2013 | Office 365 : Deploying Facebook Wall WebPart

English One way to increase bonding between your website and the visitors are using social media, for example Facebook. Imagine that you have to customize Office online and display Facebook fan's page in your website. So what should you do? Grab the code from MSDN Code gallery here ( and follow the deployment guide here ( I believe it will takes less than 5 minutes to complete the task.