Migrate to static CMS

Context I have been using WordPress for many years, and I am satisfied with it. Unfortunately, after I moved the hosting to Azure App service I encountered many recurring challenges: Lost assets (images, videos) I still do not understand why due to unknown circumstances, I images/videos are deleted from wp-content/uploads. Initially I think I do not upload properly, hence I re-upload. After few days, the images/video suddenly disappear from the post.

Little step to start

_English: _Little step but have domino effects is writing our thoughts into words. If not, the thoughts will stay in our mind and become obsolete. Writing is a process to purge ideas into sentences; freshing the brain again, ready for new ideas - and the most importance is securing ideas for the next generation. _Indonesian: _Sebuah langkah kecil tetapi memiliki efek domino adalah merubah buah pikiran kedalam kata-kata. Buah pikiran yang tetap mengendap di otak, hanya akan membuat otak menjadi penuh dan usang.