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PowerShell : Desktop Experience Feature

English Today I find a strange behaviour, my Office 2010 can not browse to the SharePoint 2010 document library. In short, I can not save my document directly to SharePoint 2010. Office 2010 provide Save and Send functionality, which should give me functionality to save directly to SharePoint 2010 as what it does in previous version; so what could be the problem? Saving to SharePoint 2010 document library requires WebDAV functionality via Web Client service.

Problem when installing WSP in Windows 7/Windows Server 2008

Malcolm Derouen - Mar 6, 2010I agree about comments that are a start on blog posts. I’ve even pulled a comment out and made it a post, because it deserved to be one I am having an issue during the installation of WSS 3.0 on Windows 7 Ultimate, the same one as you mentioned above. As a Novice, I am usually seeking for well written articles which can really help me .

Problem when installing WSP in Windows 7/Windows Server 2008

English I know that Microsoft has fabulous 40, a collection of 40 site templates in this link. I have played with all the templates, without any problem – but today when I tried to install it in my Windows 2008 server I was stuck in the wsp deployment. It seems that I couldn’t deploy the WSP. Then, I remembered that Windows 2008 has increased security model which prevent accidental execution using privileged account.